Northern Area Enter a sparkling land of snow! Snowshoe hiking in the Sarobetsu Wetland


About 40 minutes by train from Wakkanai is the Sarobetsu Wetland, protected by the Ramsar Convention. Only in winter can you hike through the vast snowy fields in snowshoes. On clear days, you may see views of Mount Rishiri through the snow. You’ll almost want to dive into the fluffy snow that sprawls out amidst this vast scenery. You’ll even encounter the footprints of mountain hares and Ezo red foxes along the way, and will have so much fun that the two hours will seem to fly by.

Course schedule

1Meet at Sarobetsu Wetland Center
2change clothes, lecture
3Snowshoe experience
4Disband at Sarobetsu Wetland Center

Basic information

January to February
Time required
2 Hours
Implementation time
Please inquire about the period held

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