Northern Area Seated meditation experience and matcha hospitality

  • Seated meditation experience and matcha hospitality


Visit a temple in Rumoi to experience the authentic Zazen style of seated meditation. First change into a simple monk’s garment and listen to the priest give a sermon. The staff on hand will help you change into the right clothes, and translations of the sermon are provided -- even first-timers will have no problem. During a fifteen minute seated meditation session, fold your legs and hands and sit up straight as you meditate. If your posture slacks, the chief priest will strike your shoulders with a flat stick to alert your of your form and sharpen your senses -- this is exactly what real monks experience. After the session, enjoy powdered matcha tea and sweets while talking to the priest and taking a commemorative photo. At night, under the glow of candlelight, the atmosphere is truly unique.

Course schedule

1Meet at Jufukuji Temple entrance
2Change into monk's working clothes (optional)
4Zen seated meditation experience
5Talk to the temple masters while enjoying matcha tea and Japanese confectionaries
6Change out of monk's working clothes, disband

Basic information

All year
Time required
1 Hour
Implementation time
Meet at the location

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